I do love apples. But truth is, I like Funyuns® even more. I’m not even sure they really are food. In fact, I’m pretty sure Funyuns are made from old telephone books. But you don’t see me eating a Funyun do you? I’m eating an apple. Because I’m a professional influencer. And I don’t need a focus group to tell me that a guy eating an apple is perceived as significantly more successful than a guy eating a Funyun. As a professional influencer,

my most important directive is to advocate for my clients in the interests of improving their bottom line. To do that, I have to find a way to influence consumers enough that they engage with my clients in a meaningful way. I find that I am most successful at this when I am ever mindful that advertising is not a science, people are not numbers, and that guts, intuition and instinct are as important as research, strategy and focus groups.